Maman, A Cozy French Café Bakery (Opens in Jersey City)

This weekend I visited Maman for the first time in downtown Jersey City. Maman means ‘mother’ in French. This cozy French café and bakery originated in 2014 in Soho, New York. Years later, it has several locations across Manhattan and Toronto. Maman’s new residence is in the luxe 70 Hudson building overlooking the beautiful waterfront skyline.

There are two entrances, one located on York Street and the other through the 70 Hudson waterfront. Upon entry, the place welcomes guests with its signature rustic décor, delicious pastries display, and a relaxing ambiance that will attract picky brunch-goers. It may also be an ideal place for casual business meetings or reading a book.

And today, Valentine’s Day 2022, is Maman’s soft opening. The place prides itself on serving locally sourced food. I went for the croissant sandwich with fried egg and vegetables — and I loved it. I am adding this place to my brunch list.