Living by Your Inner Scorecard

A Path to Genuine Fulfillment.

We have a primordial urge within us, a silent, insistent voice that helps propel us forward. When we think of that drive that compels us to transcend our limitations, the one that tells us to do better, is this part of our ego?

It is ambition at its most relentless. In its insidious form, it becomes the urge to measure our worth against others. We crave external validation, setting standards to win admiration from those around us.

Recently, I rediscovered Warren Buffet’s idea of the inner scorecard:

“The big question about how people behave is whether they’ve got an Inner Scorecard or an Outer Scorecard. It helps if you can be satisfied with an Inner Scorecard.”

— Warren Buffet

Warren Buffett’s “inner scorecard” principle speaks to the profound idea of gauging success and steering our choices according to our deeply held values, standards, and principles. This philosophy eschews the clamor of external opinions and societal expectations, urging us to find our genuine measure within, in the quiet sanctum of our conscience.

Having an inner scorecard means staying true to our ethics and values, even if they conflict with what others may think. It means that our successes remain personal, independent of any validation from the external populace.

True success springs from self-integrity and authenticity; it’s the quiet triumph of being unflinchingly honest about our motivations, actions, and aspirations. This unwavering commitment to making the right choices resonates with our beliefs and principles, no matter the external pressures or fleeting allure of popularity.

The inner scorecard is a long-term perspective. It urges us to seek enduring personal satisfaction and fulfillment rather than superficial gains and achievements meant to impress others. When we head to our internal compass, we can cultivate resilience against the pressures and whims of public opinion. We can pave the way to consistent and principled decision-making, even in the face of criticism from friends and society.

The inner scorecard is about profound personal satisfaction, peace within, and security in knowing that our actions align with our values. It is nonconformity to external benchmarks of success. It stands in stark contrast to the outer scorecard, wherein our worth is measured based on the approval, validation, and ultimately recognition from others—the so-called friends, popular crowds, and people we don’t really care about and whose motivations and values most likely don’t even align with ours.
When we live satisfied with an inner scorecard, we have an authentic life anchored in personal integrity and self-respect.