My First Apple Watch Series 7 (What’s Good)

My new Apple Watch Series 7 in Starlight color.

Having been an iPhone and Mac user for as long as I could remember, I didn’t get myself to buy my first Apple watch until recently. This was because I had been an avid Fitbit user for almost a decade, during which I had many Fitbits, three to be exact, dying on me due to battery issues. After each Fitbit stopped working, I would contact Fitbit to diagnose the culprit. Unfortunately, each of them died after the warranty expired, so Fitbit could only offer me a consolation discount after putting their products to rest.

What I enjoyed most about the Fitbit was its ability to last for a week without the need to be charged. Besides, it had fantastic sleep and fitness tracking capabilities. However, it is clear now that Fitbit, as a company, has been making disposable products all along. As of now, their watches do not have interchangeable batteries, nor does the company provide battery replacement service. 

I got fed up! So I figured why not give the Apple Watch Series 7 a try. In all honesty, the Apple Watch, I think, is just an extension of the iPhone in many good ways and not so compelling ways.



The Apple Watch has automatically set itself as a second controller of my iPhone. It just seated itself to that task with pure ardor from day one. When I listened to my Airpods Pro at the gym, it showed the music controls automatically without being told. When I was watching YouTube on my phone, viewing my watch showed the video information and the YouTube controls on my wrist. And of course, there are countless apps like the native Apple camera apps that take advantage of these control features. Innovative? No. Handy? Sure.


If you think your significant other is bossy, say hello to the Apple Watch. I kid, but it does tell me when it’s time to stand up after I’ve been sitting for too long. Of course, if this annoys you, you can always turn this feature off, but I think a little reminder has been helpful for me. In the pandemic and work-from-home era, it helps. Now, the notifications that I used to get on my iPhone, such as text messages, social media notifications, and incoming email, showed up on my Apple watch. After getting notified about being notified, I can use the keyboard on the Apple watch to respond to emails or text messages, for example.


The Apple Watch Series 7 does well, like its predecessors, in tracking workouts and calories burnt. While the new ECG function works great, I’m not too sure how useful it is for me. The heart rate monitor is one feature I find particularly useful. This feature was my favorite on the Fitbit. The Apple Watch version is reasonably accurate, often spot-on with the heart rate monitors at the gym. And the importance of knowing my resting heart rate at any moment has been crucial (as we know, this is an excellent gauge of a healthy heart: the lower it is, the more efficiently our heart is working). And then comes the Activity Tracker, an addictive gamified way of tracking movements — for a type-A personality, the motivation to fill in that circle for body movements, exercise, and standing trackers daily becomes the challenge. Users receive these medal rewards for doing the work and achieving something, and I guess having this feature makes one more mindful about exercising and staying active. In this way, the Apple Watch is a great companion for a healthy, active lifestyle. However, there are no ways to track diet in the native Apple Watch app. As many believe, weight loss is the result of 80% diet and 20% exercise, though I must address that your weight or BMI is not a direct indicator of your health. However, for a disciplined diet, you are on your own. If you know of any great diet-based apps out there, please let me know.


The wonders of a digital smart wristwatch lie in its ability to change watch faces. It is like wearing multiple watches throughout the day. I think this one is the best feature of having an Apple Watch. I can change the style of the watch at any time by just pressing on the screen and swiping to match the look or feel of my outfits. I can choose a more informative schedule-driven watch-face, a zany artsy look, or a more stylish minimal look. It’s endless — and all of the styles, colors, display settings are controllable. I mean, these are the things you cannot do with regular traditional watches. Only Apple can create these watch faces at the moment. Apple has always been great with design and aesthetics. The ability to change the Apple Watch faces is my favorite feature.


The cellular version that I have has a designed red circular outline on the ring of the crown that tells everyone it is a cellular version. Is it worth spending the extra money on it? Probably not. I tried the cellular service for a good month, but realized I work at home most times, and when I do leave home, I carry my iPhone alongside my Apple Watch. So I turned that bad-boy off and knocked $5-10 off my monthly payments. It could be handy if I am going out with just my Apple Watch, like for outdoor running. Since I am more of a gym person, having free access to the gym’s WiFi meant I could leave my iPhone at home or in the locker. Most applications cannot use the cellular service by itself. For example, the Apple Watch lets Spotify, Apple Music, and probably others run via cellular service. However, since I have YouTube Music, whose app only works with my iPhone connection, it’s pretty useless for me. (Probably a strategic move for Google). The good news is that I can download music or Audible books directly to my watch via WiFi. So if I had to recommend, no — cellular is not a must. The GPS WiFi would suffice.


During the pandemic, I have been using Apple Pay on my iPhone, primarily to avoid contact with things that could spread the virus, such as swiping my wallet and credit card on a machine touched by many people. With the Apple Watch, I no longer need a phone for paying. I can double press the button on the right corner of my Apple Watch and hover the watch near the card machine, and *beep* it’s done. It’s the future.


As I mentioned, the Fitbit required a week or so until it needed charging, but then again, the Fitbit has a small digital LCD screen and nothing else. The Apple Watch requires daily charging. So yes, daily charging of your watch will be a thing. I have an added routine of charging it in the morning after waking up or getting ready for bed at night, like brushing my teeth. It is not so bad, I suppose. The Apple Watch Series 7 can go from 0 to 80% of charge in 45 minutes. The fast-charging feature comes in a clutch, so a few minutes is enough to wear it all day or all night.


If you love tracking workouts, fitness, and sleep to analyze data like me, going the Apple Watch route from a Fitbit user is quite an upgrade! First, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a beautiful device perceived as a fashion accessory. It is the embodiment of function and elegance. Like most Apple products, the watch keeps its value a lot longer than most others in terms of re-sellability. Nonetheless, compared to purchasing a $200 regular watch, the Apple Watch gains more features and functionality for the price point. I highly recommend the smartwatch route, and the Series 7 is a matured iteration of the Apple Watch product line.


I love my Apple Watch Series 7! I am happy that I chose the new Starlight color — it reminds me of refined luxury with a silvery flourish and a hint of champagne. I enjoy its company at the gym, and it kicked the ass of my Fitbit in terms of functionality. It can also bear as an accessory (though I need to find the right Apple Watch bands, comment if you have recommendations!).

To protect my Apple Watch Series 7, I did add a screen protector that I got from Amazon in case of scratches. The Series 7 is 50% thicker and more scratch-resistant than the previous versions. The screen protector helps with the ease and peace of mind knowing that I am protecting my purchase. (Please note: you can find the exact screen protector I am using in this link: Apple Watch Series 7 Screen Protector— full disclosure this link is my Amazon affiliate. If you happen to use and purchase, my website gets a couple of cents. Throw in a hat for your donation Thank you!).